Upgrade to pro prompt too intrusive

Robin Brown hace 5 años actualizado por Azeem Arshad hace 3 años 2

every time I click into the live view of sessions, I get a pop-up dialogue saying that real-time view is limited to 5 minutes unless I upgrade. It then says "upgrade y/n?" But the options are ok or cancel. To me, ok is "dismiss", it doesn't mean "yes I want to upgrade".

I hit cancel(no) and next time I click into that view I get the same prompt 10, 20, 30 times in a day. There seems no way to persistently dismiss or suppress this alert. I do not ever want to or need to upgrade. Please only show this dialog once or only if I am in that view for more than 5 mins


Hi Robin,

Thanks for your message, and appologizes for the delay.

Your right, the message and OK/Cancel button are confusing, we might adapt that, or find a better solution without a popup.

Regarding the limit: It is limited to five minutes per day (based on a technical restriction by Google), so when the limit is reached on one day, you'll see the message for the rest of the day when tapping into live view...

We'll consider a solution that is better usable or understandable.

Thanks for your input!

Best regards, Peter