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Time zones

Hans Chr. Gronsleth hace 6 años actualizado por Azeem Arshad hace 3 años 2

During the day in norway, or graohs are on zero. Seems like i miss a time zone settings
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Hi Hans,
Sorry for our late answer, but it took some time to check that.

My assumption for the effect is the following: Are you looking at a Google Profile, that has a different time zone than you are in? (e.g. time zone of the profile US)

If it's wrong configured you could change that in the Google Analytics settings: Check this help page on how you can change time zone for a Google Analytics profile: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1010249?hl=en
If it's correct, that the time zone should be US (or other), then we currently can't fix quickly in the app. This is something that we have to put on our backlog.

Best regards, Peter