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Crashes in iOS 10 beta 6

WeDoTDD.com 5 лет назад обновлен Anja van Ackern 4 года назад 25

just bought this and it crashes as soon as I select allow to allow your app access to my google account when I log in with 2-factor auth. Reinstalling it does nothing, app is broken


Thanks for your report.

Yes, we've noticed the crashes with iOS 10. At the moment it's difficult to estimate, if the issue will be fixed by Apple until the final release. We're still trying to figure out the reasons.

Best regards, Peter

will you be offering refunds as this app has been unworkable for some time.

I am having problems with not being able to login to google account,.. Will there be an update out soon? I am running IOS 10.2.1

The app was working fine until I paid for the pro upgrade for 12 months now it crashes instantly upon opening.

This just happened to me today--1/9/17--has anything been done to address this issue?

same as above. Since I've updated IOS10 it crashes every try to log in.

Doesn't wor

same exact thing happening to me

same problem... almost a month now....

Still waiting for any kind of response from these clowns. I want an explanation as to why after paying for the app it stopped working, and if no is fix coming soon I want my £4.99 back..

It's getting to the point to where I will be contacting apple. I want a refund. I paid money for a product that has not been updated, or kept up and does not work in iOS.

If this was a real product with serious people behind it, instead of probably one person, this would have been a shocker and real top priority. Apparently, whoever is driving this, doesn't give a shit and is just taking people's money while it sits there broken.

same problem ! Is there any news on when it will get fixed? I used to use this app every day and miss it , can anyone suggest an alternative ( that includes stats on paid traffic and social media referrals ) thanks

Same problem here. Let us know whats going on. The final version has been out for a while now. I too use it daily.

same problem here! Is this going to be fixed or no

I had the paid upgrade and since doing the update my app is doing exactly the same thing. Will follow with interest, when the app is actually working it's very good

same problem here, on the Apple 7 plus the app

crash at startup, i am using the pro version, i use the app the whole day so please let a note

Us g the pro version and no longer works. When will this app be updated please so it will work? Paying for the upgrade has been a waste of money as I cannot use

I have the same issue. Worked fine on old os. Crashes after reinstall.

Please make it work! Crashes every time I try to sign in with Google.

Mine crashes on iPhone7... as soon as I enter passsword and click to go in! So annoying as I have lost ability to provide data on the fly to all my clients!

I've been using Dashboard for Google Analytics for the past 6 months and think it great. Today, I had trouble logging in. So I decided to pay and upgrade to the pro version. Now, I can't login to them at all.

I am having the same problem as above.. Cant login into my google account

having the same problem. Since 3 years I use the Pro App. I already paid twice now for the Pro Version (re-installed). How can I claim back the money paid

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