Full screen - white space

Ramon 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 8
It doesn't show the entire full screen, a white space is at the right side, on ipad 2 iOS 8.1
Under review
Hi Ramon,
Thanks for contacting us. We haven't experienced that on iPad - but haven't checked that on iPad2. We'll have a look in it - thanks for your report!
Regards, Peter
Thank you, I attach an image as I see my screen on iPad 2...

Hello. Inexperience the same thing on my iPad air 1. 

This is is bad and unusable. I just paid for the pro version.
when will you solve this?  Because like this, it's useless 
Hello Robert...
I agree :( its an useless app and it's really necessary to solve this issue... I hope iDashboard team fix it as soon as possible...

I will ask the refund and delete the app, when no response. 

For an immediate fix, this will work:
-close the app from the task bar (double click home button, remove app icon from task)
-turn your iPad to portrait mode and start the app (instead of starting in landscape)
-when started this way you can go to landscape and back with no white space on the side

We'll fix that in the next release. Thank you for finding this issue and sorry for the inconvenience

Regerads, Peter
Thanks Peter, it works...
However I hope you fix this issue as soon as possible... 

Best Regards,