Reports not working

Michael Coles 6 years ago updated by anonymous 3 years ago 13
Since upgrading my iPhone 5s to os8.02 I cannot access reports. I can log in, see the number of users but get no further.

i don't know if the issue is with Google, your App, or Apple. Is there a software reset function?
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Hi Michael,
Thanks for contacting us.

We haven't had any similar reports so far, but we'll check iOS 8.02 on iPhone 5S. Does this mean, that tapping on an KPI will not show a detailed report?

Regards, Peter
Thanks for getting back to me. The APP is working just fine now. I don't know what has changed. I haven't restarted my iPhone, but everything is working as it should.

I'm having the same problem using iPhone 6 8.02. I can go into the general dashboard but when I select any of the reports it sends back an error saying to check my internet connection. I've tried it both on wifi and network with restarting the phone as well. Nothing seems to have had an effect and it happens about 80% of the time I try and access a report.
Thanks for your comments.

We are working on this - still it is quite a strange issue as it appears and disappears (at least on our side) without any apparent reason or any change in the app. At the moment, we are assuming some kind of "hickups" of the Google API, so that Google Analytics data cannot be provided.

We keep you posted.

Regards, Peter
It looks like the reason for the issue is that Google has adapted its policy of the number of allowed request per seconds againts its Google Analytics API. On fast connections (like LTE and wifi), the app currently makes to many request per seconds and the throws the error. On slower network the app is normally within the limits and working fine.

There will be a fix in the next release (coming soon). We apologize for the issues that you are experiencing.
I'm experiencing the same problem with pulling "Today's" view stats. "This Week/This Month" stats pull just fine. Only on Today's tab it hangs with "Loading Chart Data" but never loads it.. 
Has been doing this all day without even an attempt to load the stats. It acts if it's frozen during this loading of charts as one has to force close to get off the current menu. 
If it was Googles API, one wouldn't perhaps pull data from This Week/This Months stats it would seem to be.
By the way IOS 8.1 on 4S 
We're still working on the update. Currently, we could reduce the occurance of the loading error, but not completely resolve it. We'll first try to resolve it before the release of the update.
Same issue that other guy's.
IPhone 6, iOS8.1
He there,

We could finally solve this issue, an update is waiting for Apples approval and will be released within the next few days. We appologizes for the issues you've been experiencing.

Unfortunately, we had to slow down the speed of the app a bit to avoid these error messages. It seems that Google has changed its policy, how many requests can be sent to the Google API per second (or rather the policy has not been changed, but is now applied more strictly). As we've tried to make the app as fast as possible, we sailed near the wind... After querying data a little slower now, it will go now below the limit.

Best regards,