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Geographic content view

Dan K 6 years ago updated by iDashboard 6 years ago 1
I would like to see the content viewed by each Geographic area. For exsmple, what pages of my website de the visitors from Chicago look at. Is this already possible or just an idea?
Under review
Hi Dan,

Thanks for you message.

If you are using Dashboard Pro you are able to drill down to geo information, like e.g. city, region, country, continent etc. For the pages report specifically there is no geo drill down (as there isn't neighter in Google Analytics web interface as much as I know). To get to that information, you could generate a custom segment for e.g. Chicago users in Google Analytics and then apply that segment to the pages report in the dashboard app.

Of course we'll put your idea on the backlog to look at it in the future - thank you very much.

Best regards, Peter