Restore previous purchase

Carl Poisson 6 years ago updated by iDashboard 6 years ago 1
Since version 4.0.0, there is complete new app and users that bought previous version should be able to upgrade.
Hi Carl,

Thank you for your feedback, this is very appreciated.

Version 4.0 has been a big effort and investment for us (e.g. complet new UI) and we have lots of new ideas for developing the app in the future. Still, to provide future developments as well as ongoing good support, this can't be realized with a one-time lifetime-fee. This is why we have issued 4.0 as a seperate app for installation, except if one is using the subscription plan where this is also reflected anyway.

Of course, I understand that this is not what owners of version 3.0 or earlier would like to hear. Still we hope that we can convince them with a high quality product and great support. We are also aware that there are hardship cases (e.g. if one purchased version 3 just days or weeks before 4.0 came out): In that case please forward your purchase receipt to idashboard.analytics@gmail.com and we'll send a voucher for a 4.0 subscription.

Kind regards,