I just bought an upgrade, but i still see the besic one!

Jeroen van der Meulen 6 years ago updated by iDashboard 6 years ago 4
And i bought an one year subcription for 5 euro and now i see i can buy it for life for 8, i could the feeling this is a scam!!!!!  Beware
Under review
Hi Jeroen,

Thank you for contacting us - and don't worry, if you've purchased a subscription we will make it work.

Please tell us the following so that we can understand what has gone wrong, and prepare the steps for restoring your subscription:
-Have you been using the current version of the Dashboard App (4.0.1) at the time of purchase, or an older one? (there was a issue with purchases on versions before 3.1.2)
-Did you go trough the purchase process without any error and confirmed to buy the upgrade?
-Did you see a message box right after your purchase saying that the app has been successfully upgraded to the pro version?
-Did you receive a purchase receipt from Apple (email) for this purchase containing an Order-ID?

I appologize for the inconvenience, but we will resolve that together with you.

Best regards,
Hi Jeroen,
It is important to us that the app works for you. Did you have the time to check the steps above? In case that you are using 4.0.1 and confirmed to buy the upgrade, please forward us the purchase receipt email from Apple to idashboard.analytics (at) gmail.com (containing an Order ID). With this information we can send you the necessary steps on how to restore the "lost" subscription.
Kind regards,