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compare with same time (week or month) last year

Rob Van de Wetering 5 years ago updated by iDashboard 5 years ago 9
Would like to see my goal(s) and visitors compare this year with same period last year. 
last answer about update is 9 month ago?! do you still update this APP? I just bought pro for one year.

cheers Rob
Under review
Hi Rob,

The last update of the app was 2 months ago. We'll continue updating the app.

Regards, Peter
thanks Peter for this info, Still not able to open my Pro version on my iPad. I bought it using my iPhone, same account/store and icloud. Any idea what to do?

cheers Rob
This should actually work with no problem on both of your devices – given that you are using the same iTunes and same iCloud account on both devices.
  If this is confirmed, please try this:
-enable iCloud on your first device (or make sure it is enabled)
-close the dashboard app from the task bar (double click on home button, remove from list) and start it again. Starting the app will sync your subscription with iCloud
-Wait some few seconds
-Do the same procedure afterwards on your second device and the subscription should be transferred automatically.
If this did not fix your issue, please get back to us. We’ll then send you a restoration code to restore your purchase on your iPad manually.

thanks for your fast reply!  I tried it but seems not to work for me. Same icloud and store account. If you can send a code to me for the iPad.  thank you very much
cheers Rob
all right.

Please email your app purchase receipt (email from Apple) or a screenshot of your iTunes purchase history to idashboard.analytics@gmail.com . We'll send you then code and the steps on how to restore.

Best regards, Peter
more info about : Compare with same time (week or month) last year

So waht ever info you have it would be nice to have a easy option to compare the details with same period last year. this way you have a good idea how your site is doing and specially if you set any goals. So you can easily compare goals / targets with last year.

thank you, Rob