App is not working

Gregory Harrison 6 years ago updated by iDashboard 6 years ago 3
App just continues to load when go to charts. Been working fine for last 4 months but now just continues to load and then times out. I have re installed and still same thing happens on my iPhone 
Under review
Hi Gregory,

Thank you for contacting us.

Can you please give us some more details about the issue:
-Are you using the Pro version, when looking at the charts?
-Do you have several Google Analytics profiles that all have the same issue - or is it limited to one profile?
-Are you experiencing the issue on WLAN modes as well as on 3G/4G?

Thanks for your help
We will publish a fix for loading issues on the charts view within the next few days (see here for details: http://idashboard.userecho.com/topic/516828-reports-not-working/). Not for sure, but your issue will probably be addressed too with this fix. Please get back to us, if it did not help after installing the update.

Regards, Peter