Ecommerce conversion rate

Roy Ronalds 6 years ago updated by iDashboard 6 years ago 3
Please add the ecommerce conversion rate KPI.  It is the only KPI that really works for the "today" timeframe.  E.g. At 10 am in each morning, Conversions might be still in the red for the day, revenue might be still in the red, but conversion rate could be in the green because the site is indeed operating healthily, since it takes into account that only a few visitors have yet hit that morning.
Surely one of the most valuable summarizing stats for any site.
Hi Roy,
We still haven't included conversion rate to the Dashboard in our today's release of the Dashboard App 4.1. But we have modified the way that the "today" timeframe works. The indication of red and green is now calculated depending on the time, so e.g. at noon conversion only get red, if they are lower then 50% of the today's target. 
Regards, Peter