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I need to filter RU from my results. These are ghosts & phantoms from Russia. I've successfully created a filter on my GA using tips from ohow,co, but your app still shows everything which basically gives you flawed inaccurate results, not true traffic.

John Frederick (Port-a-Field) 5 years ago updated by iDashboard 5 years ago 1
The RU traffic is false traffic. I have successfully filtered my results in GA, but your app still reports everything.
Under review
Hi John,
Aren't you looking at a different profile in the App than in your GA (e.g. if you have one for filtered and one for unfiltered data)? Because we're pulling the same data as you have in your GA account and are not applying any filters at all.

If you use a custom segment for filttering results, you can apply the created segment inside the app (Pro version only)

Best regards, Peter