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Crashes in iOS 10 beta 6 4 years ago updated by Anja van Ackern 3 years ago 25

just bought this and it crashes as soon as I select allow to allow your app access to my google account when I log in with 2-factor auth. Reinstalling it does nothing, app is broken


Important: Missing reports since April 17 2014

iDashboard 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3
If you are using Dashboard Pro, there are some reports missing since April 16 (New vs. Returning, Acquisition Overview, Behaviour Overview, plus some detail reports)

These issues are caused because of an unannounced change in the Google Analytics API, where visitors and visits are renamed to users and sessions (please read this Google Blogpost about this massive change).

We have fixed the issue in our app on April 17 and submitted an update to Apple. The update Needs now to be approved by Apple, that process normally takes about 5 working days. So please stay tuned and update the app as soon as the update gets available in the app store.

Thank you for your understanding and appologizes for the inconvenience. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any further questions.
Under review

Add Custom Date Range

Marco Hassler 7 years ago updated by iDashboard 7 years ago 0
Please add a custom date range selection to the tabs, in addition to now, this week, this month
iDashboard 7 years ago
Thank you. We have received your input and put it on our list.
Under review

Change order of KPIs on dashboard

Web Analytics 7 years ago updated by Roy Ronalds 6 years ago 2
Let me change the order of the KPIs on the dashboards

Profile Switcher

Marco Hassler 7 years ago updated by iDashboard 6 years ago 2
Make it easier to switch between profiles when looking at dashboards or charts
iDashboard 6 years ago
We'll look into that one too.

Fullscreen mode

Chelsea Analytics 6 years ago updated by iDashboard 6 years ago 7

There needs to be a gesture (e.g. pinch to zoom, or two finger tap on top of screen) to hide or in hide the menu bar and icon bar.

It is frustrating in landscape mode to have 1/3 of the screen taken up with menu bars.

This would enable full screen operation, which is also useful for presentation on a TV via Airplay.

Fix this fucking app

Papu 4 years ago 0



Ecommerce conversion rate

Roy Ronalds 6 years ago updated by iDashboard 6 years ago 3
Please add the ecommerce conversion rate KPI.  It is the only KPI that really works for the "today" timeframe.  E.g. At 10 am in each morning, Conversions might be still in the red for the day, revenue might be still in the red, but conversion rate could be in the green because the site is indeed operating healthily, since it takes into account that only a few visitors have yet hit that morning.
Surely one of the most valuable summarizing stats for any site.

Share with Twitter is not working

Web Analytics 7 years ago updated by iDashboard 6 years ago 0
I can't share dashboards with Twitter. It says not authorized although login is valid.
Not a bug

Settings are lost if you logout from google account then login again

Dictionnaire du Web 6 years ago updated by iDashboard 6 years ago 3
Sorry for my poor english, but I set up my dashboard with custom targets. If I logout from Google Account, then login again, the customisations are lost. As I need to switch regularly from one ggoel account to an other, it makes life harder.